How to Apply – Step 1: New Company Registration

The first step in applying for a Treaty Trader or a Treaty Investor visa is to establish the qualification of the company or operation in the U.S. All companies seeking E visas for their owners or employees must be registered with the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo or the U.S. Consulate in Osaka.

E visa company registration is completed only when the first applicant finishes the interview and the visa is granted. Company registration is not finalized while the application documents are under review.  If the applicant is denied a visa, the company will not be registered, the company registration application will be rejected, and the company registration process must begin a new with the next company visa application.  Please note that we do not accept company registration without an E visa applicant. Be sure to submit the company registration documents together with the application of the applicant who will be working in the United States.

Company registration duration

Qualified companies will remain registered as long as the companies keep their status as E visa qualified companies, and there is at least 1 employee holding a current E Visa.  However, each case is examined individually and updated company documents may be required.  Each applicant is accorded every consideration under the law.  Please note, adjudication of your E Visa application could result in a decision to limit the visa duration to less than the maximum period of five years based on the overall viability of the business or applicant’s suitability. Upon renewal, administrative processing and review may be necessary if it is determined that relevant, new information is needed for proper adjudication.  Proper review at the time of renewal allows the adjudicating officer to determine if projected goals and expectations have been met.  Where expected criteria have been met, renewal may result in full validity, five year issuance.

For companies that submit applications for multiple employees per year, please only include financial statements or tax returns with one application per year. Ideally, the financial statements would be sent with the first applicant after the financial statements are finalized or tax returns are filed.

Application Procedures for New Company Registration

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