Green Program

The E visa Green Program is a Mission Japan expedited E visa program which aims to reduce the amount of paperwork required for each employee from a registered E visa company that meets the below requirements, and aims to reduce wait times on the day of the interview.  The company is eligible for the Green Program, if the U.S. Company meets the requirements below.

Employees of a qualified Green Program company should apply for E-1 and E-2 visas using the Embassy’s normal application procedures for business/tourism non-immigrant visas along with the submission of Part I, II and III of the DS-156E form (Type “156” in the Keyword field to search the form) and a company letter explaining the applicant’s background and qualifications (3 pages or less).


The U.S. Company and its U.S. subsidiaries must have more than 500 U.S. / LPR employees in the U.S.

Note:  Your U.S. company needs to be registered as E visa company before you apply for Green Program.  For new registration, please refer to New Company Registration Procedures.

How to apply:

  1. Please provide the following information on your email “sending page” interface.

Point of Contact Information:

Person-In Charge in Japan:
E-mail address:
Telephone number in Japan:

Summary Employees Information:

Please provide the total of all employees of the U.S. corporate entities in the chart below.

Status in the U.S. Number of Employees
Japanese National on E visa status  
Japanese National on another visa status  
U.S. Citizens  
Legal Permanent Residents  
Other nationals  



  1. Documents to submit as attachments (in pdf format):
    • DS-156E Part 1 and 2 (Type “156” in the Keyword field to search the form) for each U. S. subsidiary. You need to create DS-156E for each corporate entity should you wish them to be a Green Program Company.
    • Individual financial statements for all entities for the last three (3) years.
    • IRS Form 941 for the last four (4) quarters.

Please do not encrypt any of these files.

  1. Send documents to the email address at  Subject line should be read:  “Green Program application, XXX (insert your Japanese parent company name).

Important notice

  • To be qualified for a Green Program company, each U.S. corporate entity must first register as a qualified E visa company with either Embassy Tokyo or Consulate Osaka.
  • Please see New Company Registration Procedures for details.
  • When sending documents, do not encrypt the .pdf files.
  • is only for receiving documents. Do not send other inquiries to this account.  Other inquiries should be sent to